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How to Set Goals for the New Year

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Helllooooooooo 2020 and welcome to how to set goals for the new year!

I saw this quote the other day that said:

If you think I’m not going to party like the Great Gatsby from 2020-2029 then you’re absolutely wrong old sport.

Why is that the greatest quote describing this new decade that we’ve entered? I’m stoked for 2020.

The past decade has been a whirlwind and I’ve learned so many things along the way but one thing’s for sure – setting goals at the beginning of a new year is always exciting.

So, I want to show you how you can set actionable, attainable goals for yourself going into this New Year and how to stick with them! There will also be a F R E E Canva template for you to fill out with your goals at the end, so stay tuned!

Here’s my take on how to set goals for the New Year

1. Make a long list

Seems so basic doesn’t it? Okay, you’re telling us something we don’t already know, thanks, is what you’re thinking huh?

I know it seems basic BUT making a long list of all the things you want to accomplish in your life will actually help you narrow things down for THIS year. This part really does help you create action items you can begin taking now to work towards your larger, life goals. You feel me?

In the spirit of transparency, I’ll show you my life list so you can see how we’ll begin to narrow these down to create goals for this year.

Personal Bucket List

2. Narrow down your list

Right. Now that you’ve seen my life goal’s list or ‘bucket list’ if you will, you can see how some of these can be broken down into even smaller action items. These action items can be translated into goals for this year.

For example, the goal of growing my blog to be my job, I can begin working towards that this year. I can set a goal that would look something like:

“Reach 50,000 monthly visitors on blog by end of 2020”

Something along these lines, but now you see how you can take your bigger goals and break them down into achievable actions for this year.

3. Choose your goals wisely

Now that you’ve made your master life list and began to narrow it down a bit, you’ll want to choose your goals very wisely. By this, I mean, you know what your upcoming year kind of looks like – in terms of seasons/work/etc. So you wouldn’t want to plan to move abroad or volunteer for +5 months in another country if you know that’s not feasible just yet.

Take baby steps. If you want to learn how to cook for real (like I do) then begin to take a few cooking classes this year. Your goal would then look something like:

“Take 5 cooking classes this year”

This goal seems achievable to me. Does it to you?

The last thing we want is for you to create all of these goals for yourself and be over-ambitious to the point where you don’t accomplish any of it.

It’s very easy, when setting goals, to get overwhelmed by all of the things you want to do. That’s why making a master list and then breaking it down year over year is the absolute best way (in my opinion) to create these new goals for yourself as you go into a new year.

4. Pick a reasonable number of goals

You know you better than I do. If you want to have 15 goals for this year and you fully believe you can accomplish all of them with ease – then you do you and I’m proud of you!

But if you’re like me and you feel like some of your goals are bit lofty / get overwhelmed by really long lists – then it’s best to pick a smaller number of goals to achieve.

My number lies somewhere between 5-8. I know, it’s a weird amount but I get to 5 and think, “maybe a few more,” so I add them. 8 is a reasonable number because you can maybe have a few small goals that you’ll knock out during the first half of the year and then you can tackle your other goals by the end of the year.

Again, I’d hate for you to get to the end of the year and look back at that list of 20 goals you made and you’ve only crossed off around 5. So really think about your goals. Be intentional and purposeful with the ones that you choose and really stick to them. Really work at them. Make sure that these transcend into the larger vision you have for your life. That they are only helping you cross off your bigger goals slowly but surely.

5. Print them out & keep them visible

Print those goals out!! Put them on your refrigerator or save them to your notes app on your phone. Whatever it is, make sure that you look at them daily and are reminded of what you want to do this year. What you’re working towards…

It’s easy to set these goals or have a fun brainstorm session and then put them away only to remember you set them halfway through the year.

We are forgetful creatures and we’re also visual. So if you’re not looking at these goals daily, it’s likely you won’t accomplish all of them like you want to (just being real).

I’m preaching to myself here too. I plan to print mine off and put them on my fridge but also they will be on my phone, so I can look at them when I need some inspiration.

6. Don’t give up

Don’t you dare give up. What do the scientist’s say? “It takes 60 days to form a habit.”

So get into your groove.

  • Start building out your action plan for tackling these goals.
  • Put things in your calendar so you already have it scheduled and ready to go.
  • Have an accountability friend or family member to keep you on track / have check-ins with
  • Share them with your social community / network so to expand your accountability group
  • Keep a journal of your goals and print them out (as I mentioned before)

Remember, you’ve got this! I believe in you. You are going to absolutely crush 2020 and I believe if you begin with the master list – you’ll start to see how you can break it down year over year. You’ll start to feel accomplished and that only leads to happiness & joy.

You’ve only got one life to live. Don’t waste it. We’re but vapors on this earth and in a short time, we’ll be gone. So it’s on us to live each day like it’s our last – that’s my challenge to you.

Fill that calendar and don’t complain when you’re “busy” because that means you are truly living!

Take time for the Sabbath. Rest when you need to but sleep when you’re dead 😉

NOW, the moment you’ve been waiting for…You’re F R E E template is waiting for you and your amazing goals! I hope you utilize it and share it with me! I’d love to see what goals you all are wanting to accomplish and if I can root for you along the way, I’m down to be an accountability partner for anyone who needs it.

You’ve got this. We’ve got this. What a roaring 20’s it’s about to be.

Edit your F R E E Canva Template now!

Here’s what my goals for 2020 look like, if interested!

Personal Goals 2020
Set goals for the new year



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