A Girl and Her Hat About Me

Who am I? 

Hi! My name is Kalee & I’m the blogger behind “A Girl and Her Hat.” I bet you’re wondering how I came up with that name? Well, if you can’t tell just yet – I don’t go anywhere without my hat! It’s probably one of the world’s best traveled hats and it’s become a part of who I am, if you will. So, I felt it only necessary to honor it by including it as part of my blog or brand name. 

I am a twenty-something traveler, creator, and story teller. I spent my undergrad years studying marketing and my graduate school year traveling the globe. I’ve learned things both in and outside the classroom that I’d love to share with you. That’s why I re-started this blog. I’ve been in Marketing for the past 4+ years and have so much more to learn, but also have a lot that I can teach you – so that’s my goal. 

What you’ll find here: marketing tips, blogging hacks, travel tips, lifestyle posts, plant information, etc. It’s going to be a good mix! I’m a firm believer that I don’t have to focus in on just one particular thing, I think I can share a few different things and you will still gain value from my blog. 

Why should you trust me? 

Great question – I’m basically self-taught. I taught myself and did a lot of research on how to get this blog going, promoting it, etc. However, my day job is also in digital marketing, so I know the tips and tricks to paid social advertising, SEO, content creation, and so much more! I’ve got you covered! I want to explain it to you in simple terms but also give you actionable insights that you can utilize for your blog or whatever you’re looking to utilize it for. 

So stick around – we’re just getting started!!