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A podcast centered around how people can have a genuine relationship with God. Christ at the center, rooted in the Scripture, and a variety of topics and themes. Come along, learn about the Jesus that I know based on Scripture, not the one that the world has taught you about. Suitable for both Christians & non-Christians.


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"I truly appreciate the dedication, biblical truth, & love you share with your listeners. My spiritual growth has grown immensely listening to this podcast. God bless you & keep up the great work! You are loved & appreciated by many!"

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30 Day Bible Reading Challenge

During the month of November, I took on a 30 day Bible Reading Challenge. That is, I plan to complete reading the Bible during that timeframe. 

It’s challenging, but oh-so rewarding. If you’ve ever wanted to challenge yourself like this and read the Bible cover-to-cover, no better time to start than the present. 

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