8 household essentials from Amazon

Who would agree that Amazon has absolutely taken over the world? I feel like they have everything: from pet supplies to household essentials, which is where I want to start today.

I just moved into my new flat in December and I’ve slowly accumulated a few favorite household essentials from Amazon that I want to share with you. If you have prime, even better because you’ll be able to get your items in 2 days or less!

I don’t want to waste any time – let’s get to the goods! Here are:

8 household essentials from Amazon

Handheld Milk Frother

This is not a joke – I love my handheld milk frother. I like to make iced coffee from home and sometimes, when I add in the creamer, it likes to clot a little bit. With this frother, I’ve found that doesn’t happen at all. I also use it to make lattes, etc. It’s so great and definitely gets use every day!

Price: $12.99


Fridge organizers

These are a life saver! I love opening my fridge and seeing everything super organized and highly recommend this set, because it comes with all of the different ones that you would need. You may not know that you need an organized fridge until you try this! Let me know if you do and if it totally changed the game for you.

Price: $28.99


Air Fryer

One of my most used items in my house has to be my air fryer. I didn’t buy into the hype until last year, but now I’m hooked. I actually prefer to do most of my cooking in. there – it takes way less time and always turns out great.

If you suck at cooking like I do, and just need to cook something easily & quickly – the Air Fryer is for you!

Price: $99


Cleaning Wipes

This seems so mundane, but I am obsessed with these wipes. They are multi-purpose and smell like Lavender – which is my absolute favorite smell as of late.

These wipes are great because they are:

  • Made with 97% plant based cleaners
  • Gluten free, vegan & cruelty free
  • Formulated without parabens; no alcohol or bleach added

Price: $15.96


Everything but the bagel seasoning

This is kind of funny to put on a household essentials list, but I use it on everything!

It adds so much flavor to things – especially avocado toast – so do yourself a favor and get it. The good news: it comes in a pack of two!

Price: $12.50


Essential oils / Diffuser

What better way to ensure that your house smells good and that you are addressing your senses in a holistic way than with essential oils and a diffuser?

There’s a variety of benefits that come from utilizing essential oils. For example, you can utilize a sweet orange smell when you are needing some energy, or you can diffuse some lavender when you need to sleep.

I used to not be a fan of all the essential oil stuff, but now I’m a big advocate! I don’t go crazy with it, but I have felt the benefits from using them – so I highly recommend them to anyone interested!

Price: $30


Satin pillowcase

I just bought myself a satin pillowcase this last week and I am already obsessed!

I can see why people say everyone should have one of these – I can’t recommend it enough. Just try it for yourself, you’ll see!

Price: $10


Air Humidifier

I just ordered this humidifier for my apartment! It’s the perfect size and had really good reviews. I know with all of the corona virus stuff going on & the country practicing social distancing – it’s more important than ever that our house be a safe haven of sorts!

To me, that starts with ensuring it’s clean, germ-free (as much as possible) and that I’m breathing clean air! My mom swears by air humidifiers, so I figured I’d head her advice and get one.

Price: $23


That’s it! Those are my top 8 household essentials from Amazon. Pretty short and simple, but I highly recommend each one of them!

If you’re also looking for decoration tips on a budget, while in COVId-19 lockdown – I’ve got you covered!

What are your favorite buys from Amazon? Let me know below!

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